Marketing campaign of the week: Hyped For Half-time

This week sees one of the biggest sporting events in sports take place in Arizona – the SuperBowl.

The Seattle Seahawks will take on the New England Patriots in front of a crowd of more than 70,000 people, while millions of people across the world will tune in. 

Although America remains the NFL’s biggest market by a considerable distance, the sport is growing overseas. Three games will be taking place at Wembley Stadium next year and there is ongoing speculation about a London franchise.

As well as being a sports extravaganza, the event is one of the most marketable occasions in the world. The game is sponsored by a high number of brands and, for those not interested in the action on the field, the half-time show is the most important period of the night.

This year, pop sensation Katy Perry will be performing in the break and her performance will be sponsored by Pepsi, which has promoted the show with the campaign “Hyped For Half-time”. 

Pepsi’s Hyped for Half-time campaign has engaged consumers across the US.

How does the campaign engage the audience?

As part of the campaign, Pepsi invited fans to submit photos and videos showing why they are so excited for the half-time show.

All winning submissions are handed the prize of a round-trip from their hometown to the SuperBowl, including accommodation, flights and match day tickets. 

In addition to winning a matchday package for the SuperBowl, the winning hometown will be given a free concert by a performer of Pepsi’s choosing. With so many incentives, it is easy to see why the campaign is proving effective at incentivising consumers.

Pepsi has been synonymous with the half-time show ever since Katy Perry’s performance was announced before Christmas. The “Hyped for Half-time” catchphrase has spread across the media and the NFL world, with Pepsi ensuring that its brand is at the forefront of American football fans’ minds. 

Posted by Pepsi’s Hyped for Half-time campaign has engaged consumers across the US.