BBC News revamps mobile home page

The BBC has rolled out a new edition of its mobile homepage as it aims to attract more viewers from tablets and smartphones. 

The site has been designed with mobile devices in mind to ensure fast loading speeds and an online experience that rivals their desktop website and offers great image quality to users regardless of the speed of their connection. 

In a recent blog post, senior product manager for the homepage Michael Skelton stressed that the revamp was long overdue, as the site’s mobile layout has been left unchanged since 2011 and records 8.5 million unique browsers a week from desktop and mobile visitors.

Mr Skelton wrote: “After three years though, the designs were beginning to look a bit dated, particularly on mobile. We were also aware that from a technology standpoint, we could improve the homepage's resilience and how it handled the saving of your location settings.”

He stressed that the relaunched homepage will feature a variety of content, ranging from the latest news and sports headlines to a selection of stories hand-picked by writers at the BBC. It is hoped that this approach will open readers’ eyes to a wider selection of online content. 

The BBC’s latest overhaul is its first since 2011.

The mobile site will give users relevant information on current events in the UK and worldwide in an easily digestible format. 

At the moment, the site is in a beta format, but the latest updates, news and research will soon be available on the platform. 

Mr Skelton confirmed that the BBC is working on new customisation options for the site, which will allow readers to play an active role in the articles they view regardless of whether they are on mobile or desktop. 

Any preferences will be linked to the user’s BBC iD, allowing them to quickly switch between content they want to read. 

Posted by The BBC’s latest overhaul is its first since 2011.