Disney teams with JC Penney to launch Cinderella merchandise

Teaming up for marketing projects can help to drive revenue and profit for businesses, but co-ordinating and managing these schemes can be extremely difficult.

When two brands work together, many issues can be encountered as companies aim to develop the right synergy required to roll out an effective marketing strategy. 

One of the most recent collaborative marketing campaigns is being launched by Disney and JC Penney. These plans will see the retail chain introduce a range of merchandise together with the entertainment giant to coincide with the live action release of Cinderella. 

As part of the partnership, a collaborative marketing campaign will be rolled out, featuring promotional campaigns and a television commercial, which is set to premiere at the Academy Awards.

What are the benefits of the Disney/JC Penney campaign?

Disney and JC Penney have joined forces using the upcoming Cinderella film.

Both of the brands have their own specific audiences, with Disney one of the most well-known names across the world, while JC Penney is one of the leading stores in the US.

For the campaign, JC Penney is being influenced greatly by the fairytale and hopes the marketing content will help the brand to reconnect with female consumers in particular. 

JC Penney’s chief marketing officer Deb Berman said: “We wanted to make sure we connected to the customer. You want to feel absolutely fabulous.

“We think ‘Cinderella’ is the hyperbole of that. When you have a Cinderella moment, it is on. You look gorgeous from the inside out.”

JC Penney hopes that linking their marketing with the tale will help to inspire modern women to focus on their own ambitions and dreams.

One of the main selling points of the campaign is that JC Penney will offer exclusive merchandise, ranging from Cinderella-inspired nightshirts, blue slippers and gowns. 

As well as promoting the Cinderella theme, the retailer will advertise other Disney films and characters in their stores. 

What is the aim of the campaign?

JC Penney has suffered a dip in retail sales over recent years, brought on by the emergence of the internet as the primary shopping channel. 

By linking up with Disney, a brand that has proven capable of excelling during the recession, it is hoped the campaign will galvanise their sales and help them to compete more effectively with rivals in the market.

Cinderella will be released on March 13th 2015 and stars Helena Bonham Carter and Cate Blanchett, among other Hollywood stars. 

Disney has already begun heavily promoting the film through online and offline trailers and a range of media appearances, which should help the marketing campaign to become even more successful. 

Whether JC Penney’s deal with Disney will be effective remains to be seen but regardless, it is vital that the companies evaluate all of their activity to identify any potential spikes in sales.

Along with all of the merchandising opportunities provided by the deal, it is key that JC Penney brand their products appropriately, using the right images and catchphrases to engage readers and drive them towards making a purchase. 

Forecasts need to be made on a quarterly basis, too. This way, businesses can quickly make changes if their aims are not being reached. 

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