4 tips for successfully engaging your audience

Audience engagement should be a key objective for any online business, or visitor numbers could quickly plummet and cause companies to fall behind rivals in the market.

In order to properly compete online, companies need to develop a strong understanding of the audience they are targeting. It is no good aiming content towards a vague demographic. Instead, companies need to outline a few different personas and tailor their marketing towards all of them.

While a few years ago online marketing consisted of only a few channels, there are now many different platforms for companies to consider, including social media, graphic design and email marketing.

To make your marketing more effective, here are 4 top tips:

1. Monitor all of your social media activity

Here is some great advice for engaging audiences online.

Social media is growing as one of the top channels for marketers looking to engage their audience effectively, but there is more to the platform than simply posting content.

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can all be used as excellent foundations to develop a strong relationship between the audience and brands, but only if businesses are effective at speaking to their consumers. 

Marketers need to ensure they are regularly checking their notifications, responding to customers regularly and identifying the true extent of their reach.

2. Carry out A/B testing with email marketing

A/B testing can be highly beneficial in all areas of marketing, but it can be especially advantageous when it comes to email campaigns.

There are several components of an email that can be tweaked to have a big impact on the engagement of campaigns. Subject lines, images and call-outs are all vital elements of any email marketing project, and can be altered to have different effects for a brand.

Perhaps try one email including a video and a number of colourful call-outs, while a second could be more text-based. After these have been delivered, assess the results and try to identify which type of email works for your brand.

3. Ensure consistency across your brand

A great marketing plan is comprised of several different components and it is vital that these are styled in a consistent way, or brands could be giving audiences a mixed message.

The best brands have a logo and colours that are instantly recognisable and,  if these are altered depending on the channel, it will be harder for customers to familiarise themselves with a company. 

Likewise, if a website is positioned in a corporate way, yet the social media accounts come across in an informal way, consumers will be unsure of the identity of brands.

4. Mix up your content

There are many different content types that can help to engage audiences and increase a brand’s online presence. Rather than offering one-dimensional content, businesses should not be afraid to offer more variety with blogs, e-books, white-papers and other marketing services.

All content should be analysed regularly in order to ensure the best possible online performance for brands. It may be the case that blogs do not generate enough hits, while white-papers are proving to be highly effective. Simply put, brands will not know what content is best for them until they trial new ideas.

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