4 ways to improve email marketing campaigns

Email marketing has remained as one of the most reliable marketing approaches for a number of years now. 

While social media, video and a host of other channels have been explored by marketers, the popularity of email marketing has barely waned, with the field proving itself as a dependable means of promotion for a variety of companies.

Insurance businesses, marketing firms, travel agents – you name it, they have most likely benefitted from an email marketing campaign in the past. 

To help ensure your campaigns are as effective as possible, here are four top tips:

1. Generate a strong list of contacts

Better contacts, responsive design and brand consistency are just three of the ways you can improve email marketing campaigns.

The first step of creating an effective marketing campaign is generating a list of contacts that increase your chances of engaging and attracting your preferred audience. 

To do this, organisations need to carry out detailed research on their target audience to ensure they can pinpoint the exact demographic they want to gain business from. 

It may be the case your business is generating a lot of money from people in the 18-24 age group, but you can always segment further to target your audience in a more niche way. 

Complete persona profiles to narrow down your audience, looking at their lifestyle, budget, preferred mobile devices and related interests. With this information, you can then identify websites you can possibly align with to collect data.

For example, if it seems that a high percentage of your target audience visit online sports shops, perhaps try to speak to a sports retailer and aim to have a back link inserted on their site. 

2. Time your emails to perfection with A/B testing

Email marketing is all about timing. With people now receiving up to hundreds of emails every day, it is easy for messages to slip under the radar if they are sent at the wrong time. 

It does not take much browsing to be bombarded with requests to join mailing lists and, quite often, people have inboxes full of emails they are not interested in. In this case, it can be particularly difficult to separate the useful messages from the nonsense.

To get the most out of your email marketing, you need to evaluate the open rate and click-through rate of your messages. If these are below par, you should not hesitate to make changes and tweak delivery times.

Initially, 8am-9am may appear to be the best time to catch the attention of commuters on their work, but this is not always the case. Likewise, 12pm to 1pm is the best opportunity to catch workers on their lunch break, though it is not guaranteed that the results will prove this. 

3. Make sure your email campaign is responsive

These days, people view their emails on all sorts of different formats. Gone are the days when a desktop or laptop was needed to check inboxes. Mobile data and improved Wi-Fi means customers can check their emails at the click of a button. 

Therefore, if your email campaign is not designed with mobiles or tablets in mind, your click-through and open rates could fall below estimations. A good web designer will be able to ensure email templates are viewable on different devices and the investment will be more than worthwhile. 

4. Ensure consistency with other marketing work

Email marketing is not the be all and end all with your company – you need to make sure it links in properly with all of your other promotional campaigns, or you could be giving out a mixed and misleading message to your audience. 

Keep the colours and messages of all your marketing consistent and try to establish a strong brand for your organisation, rather than trying a number of different approaches and hoping that one of them eventually works. 

The best email marketing campaigns are only one part of a wider strategy and offer cross-media opportunities for customers. You could offer mobile-only content to improve views on mobiles, or or include competitions on your social media profiles to increase your audience. There are plenty of ways to make different parts of the marketing jigsaw work together to help your business.

Posted by Better contacts, responsive design and brand consistency are just three of the ways you can improve email marketing campaigns.